About us

Wide Open Aims

Wide Open is an arts production company that connects people to the rural environment through discussion, research and creative interdisciplinary initiatives.

Wide Open (South Scotland) Ltd is a not for profit company based in Dumfries and Galloway.

We are interested in the boundaries and interfaces that lie between perceived and real experiences; the between of wilderness and managed land and local and global.

We are producers. Our work is delivered though a range of projects and activities, each firmly rooted in the place in which they are set. We are motivated by the interaction of wild environments and people exploring scientific, social and cultural positions to make issues real in the local and the present.

Issues surrounding sustainability, connections, sensibility of place, aesthetics, well being and dialogue lie at the heart of our thinking.

Through sustained working practices we aim to provide ways in which to connect people to our wild places through programme led work.

Tom Littlewood, Jan Hogarth and Jane McArthur form a small production team working with artists and creatives throughout the UK.